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Oct 29, 2013 9:30am EDT
to be a permanent stain on the obama administration and the whole idea of government as efficient and effective. >> funny that didn't half after the prescription part d had problems and nobody has given up, i believe, twitter had problems. i believe the rollout of the iphone, apple had problems. people -- excuse me, people who are going on this website with most of them would crawl over broken glass in order to get health coverage. and when they are not sitting home waiting for the cable guy to come, you know, people put up with inconvenience in a lot of areas and it's going to get better. >> did anybody buy insurance through the exchanges? >> me? >> 700,000 people have completed it. >> how many millions who weren't able to get through. >> the very trouble things here, john, is that the exchange is the heart of this program. the heart is not working in the first few weeks scares everybody involved. you can use the phone. it's high-tech. but a phone bank -- >> here's the data. delaware had one enrollee. alaska 7. wisconsin had 50. oregon none. south carolina 23. the white house had expect
Nov 4, 2013 6:00pm EST
. the obama administration is rejecting calls to grant clemency to nsa leaker edward snowden just days after snowden asked for international help to lobby the united states to drop the charges against him. in a letter given to a german lawmaker last week, snowden wrote -- on sunday, white house senior adviser dan pfeiffer appeared on abc "this week" and was by george stephanopoulos about snowden's appeal. >> are there any conditions under which president obama would consider clemency? >> none that have been discussed. >> it is not on the table? >> mr. snowden violated u.s. law and arab league has been that he should return to the u.s. and face justice. but that was white house senior adviser dan pfeiffer speaking on sunday. "the new york times" published an explosive piece on sunday titled, "no morsel too minuscule for all-consuming nsa." new details about secret nsa programs and the agencies overseas surveillance based on documents leaked by snowden. "new york times" journalist scott shane writes -- "the new york times piece reveals how the nsa intercepted the talking points of view in secr
Oct 30, 2013 8:00am EDT
at least 57 of the 82 people killed were civilians, including children. the obama administration said the u.s. follows international law and tries to choose the actions "least likely to result in the loss of innocent life." the reports came as pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif met with president obama at the white house and renewed his calls for an end to the drone strikes. the two also discussed recent attacks on christians within pakistan. >>> in egypt, coptic christians mourned the victims of a deadly drive-by shooting this week at a cairo church. masked gunmen killed four people, including two young girls. the u.s. and international human rights groups condemned that shooting as well as a recent string of other attacks against egypt's coptic christian minority, estimated at about 10% of the population. despite hopes for an immediate change, the vatican's chief official for doctrine this week reaffirmed the catholic church's traditional teaching banning communion for divorced catholics who remarry. in an article for the vatican newspaper, archbishop gerhard mueller said those catholi
Oct 28, 2013 6:00pm EDT
drones and f-16 jets. the obama administration is asking congress to hold off on new sanctions against iran. at a white house meeting, top officials asked for the continued delay of the senate banking committee measure targeting iranian oil. the administration wants to stall the new sanctions pending the outcome of ongoing talks over iran's nuclear program. in an interview with voice of america, the lead u.s. negotiator on iran said she expects congress to ck it sanctions pause. >> we think this is a time for a pause to see if these to go shenzhen's can gain traction. congress has its prerogatives. we are hearing -- having very serious discussions. we work as partners with congress. i think they have been very as weant partners approach this because she asian we need them to continue to be effective partners to reach a successful conclusion. >> a new round of talks is set for next month in geneva. despite the white house called but to craddick and republican lawmakers have expressed support for holding a sanctions vote by the end of the week. woman's rights activists in saudi arabia to
Nov 1, 2013 11:00pm EDT
the administration, obama administration how do they respond from that and what do they want from him? >> i think the administration is interested in exploring this intelligence assistance, the u.s. knows that it has a problem as it sees the growth of al qaeda in northeast syria, and the resurgence of al qaeda in iraq, it really looked like it had been all by extinguished during the time of the u.s. troop surge and general petraeus's command there. it is strange, iraq must be the only country in the world that today would like more nsa surveillance on its territory, but they literally want to know where these people are and how to target them. i think the u.s. is -- they know maliki, maliki has been a disappointment to u.s. special, as ajami suggests we went way too forward with him, he was a petty tyrant, some years ago but now as the worm turns, here is maliki in washington looking for help and in this case, there are reasons why the u.s. ought to give him some help because it is in our interest. >> rose: a group of snawrs wrote to the president accused him of failure of governance that contrib
Nov 1, 2013 6:00pm EDT
massiveand its technical failures. the obama administration says there were 4.7 million unique visits to the site in the first 20 four hours. according to notes from a meeting on the morning after the launch, just six people had successfully enrolled. by that afternoon, about 100 people had enrolled. 248 enrolled by the end of the day. the notes were released to a house panel under a documents request. reported by cbs news thursday, a day after health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius told the help panel there was no precise data on enrollments. senate republicans have blocked the confirmation of two obama nominees, one for housing oversight post and the second to a powerful appeals court. in back-to-back votes thursday, the senate fell just shy of t 60-vote threshold to overcome republican filibusters against melvin watt, a democratic congress member from north carolina, who was tapped to oversee the home or goods industry. who wasicia millett, nominated for the d c circuit of the was court of appeals. system that has not protected us. kenya to from niger, officials said
Nov 3, 2013 12:00pm EST
the obama administration, somehow something's just going to jump out of nowhere. and the economy doesn't work that way. so, you know, if we're going to see more rapid growth, you know, it's fairly narrow places it has to come from. you know, are we going to see some surge in consumption? very hard to see. is there going to be a surge in investment? you know, very hard to see. basically, the government's the one entity that has the ability to boost the economy. >> by spending money? >> by spending money. larger deficits. you know, that is what it boils down to. and that's, you know, you cannot say that. i mean, i've talked to people in the administration, talked to people in congress, they go, "oh, i'll get killed if i say that." well, some of them got to say it because that happens to be true. >> do you believe it? >> absolutely. i mean, if you want to look at the economy in a very simple way, we'll just get rid of the import-export sector because for the u.s., this won't change the story. you've got households, you've got the government, you've got businesses. households tend to be ne
Oct 29, 2013 11:00pm EDT
by the obama administration. >> rose: badly abused beyond leaping troops in iraq. how has it been badly abused. >> barack obama goes to israel, holds a press conference with netanyahu, they talk about basic warnings about developing a program and within a matter of a weak or two he cuts the naval out in half and doesn't replace them. >> rose: did the israelis protest that. >> i don't know whether they protested that or not. it's a signal to everybody in the region. we saw the whole exercise over syria. the saudis were told and were ready to support effort for obama when he said he would expect punishment from the syrians because of the chemical weapons issue and we're ready to go and support the effort and at the last minute he cancels. >> rose: some say that the president didn't want to pull the trigger, he was looking for a way out. >> yes. i think he made a commitment he couldn't keep. he laid down a warning he wasn't prepared to enforce and he in effect took the easiest way out. >> rose: but suppose this turns out well. so far, it seems to be that they believe that the syrians have pret
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)